As a licensed Tour Guide in Israel, I have high expectations when it comes to Guided Tours. I must say how impressed I was with City of Sultan Tours and one of its principals/guides, Eren. From beginning to end Eren was a true professional. I was picked up on-time (not easy, given Istanbul’s traffic) and the vehicle was very clean. Licensed guides in Turkey study for two or four years (Eren studied for four years) and it shows. His knowledge of history, religion and culture not just of Istanbul but all of Turkey was impressive. Being Jewish, Eren was able to talk about Jewish culture in Turkey, synagogues, etc… The ability to customize a tour based on your clients is in my opinion, the mark of an outstanding guide. Eren went out of his way to show us things that weren’t “part of the tour”. He was very honest about politics and history and despite being very proud of his heritage (I believe he has much to be proud of), Eren was very open about sensitive subjects as well as the current political situation. At the end of the tour, we were dropped at our respective hotels and I requested to be dropped at a Metro station which was not a problem at all they did happily. I highly recommend City of Sultan Tours and especially Eren as a tour guide.